The Beginning.

Just getting started

So, this is my first blog post that I’m doing. I guess this is good idea to start out with who I am and what I hope to be sharing with the people who read this.

So the basics, I’m Angel, short for Angela. I’m almost forty and according to my friends, I have a story or fifty to tell so after years of being told that I should write things down, to share things I’ve learned or.. experienced, I’m finally doing it.

Stories are not gonna be coming in any set timeline, so just be warned. Some are reposts from posts I have on Facebook, some with paintings. No last names will be used to protect the innocent, guilty and what not.

Basics: I’m married, no kids and I have a 4.5 pound almost 2 year old fur baby named Purgatory, Purgs for short.

For hint of things to come: Survivor of Child abuse (sexual, physical, emotional.) Survivor of Cancer, and of necrotizing fasciitis & septic shock.

So, there it is.. the beginning… more to come.

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