finsh the sentences

Will be posting my new answers soon.

Paste the sentences into a note of your own, change to your answers

1. “My ex”… Got married a year after me, and is now wishing he hadn’t.

2. Maybe I should…learn to do yoga

3. I love… Curling up with a book, with my husband

4. People would say that I… maybe a little too blunt and honest about how I feel at any given time. I say it means you always know where you stand with me.

5. I don’t understand why people… Are utterly blond to the fact that there are things you can do to change the world, and that by helping one person, you are doing enough to help others too

6. When I wake up in the morning… I have to go bathroom and read a magazine… ( allure, Cosmo, etc)

7. I lost my……my engagement ring, and I do miss it badly

8. Life is full of… Shit that you have to deal with. Here’s shovel, go grow a garden.

9. My past… Is a complete and utter mess, luckily, with a good therapist, lots of screaming, hitting pillows and a very understanding best friend/husband/spouse, you can deal with it so it doesn’t haunt your future
10. I get annoyed… When people ask me if I want the “diet “menu at a fancy restaurant and when older ladies come up to my cart at the store and start pulling out the rare junk food items I get for Elias from my cart and say “ you fat, no food for you”

11. Parties are…… Are okay, I rarely get asked to them, and I tend to be very quiet.

12. I wish… I could make the economic thing become a lot better and more stable for all of us, and then cure cancer.

13. Dogs… Are sooo cute, and the need a consent amount of attention and love, but reward you with licks and affection. Also you choose them, not they choose you.

14. Cats…..are impendent, beautiful and can be sneaky, loving, and affectionate when they choose to be. Also, they choose you, you don’t choose them.

15. Tomorrow……I’ll deal with tomorrow.

16. I have low tolerance for….. Bullshit, liars, my family, pretend people, and idiots.

17. If I had a million dollars… I would pay off my student loan, donate some money, and seriously put a ton of it savings so we would have a good nest egg.

18. I’m totally terrified…of losing Elias.

19. My spouse…… Is my best friend, my partner, my lover… he’s wonderful. I have no idea how I was able to find him, but I’m so keeping him with me. I’m the luckiest person ever.

20. My life… Has yet to be written

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