My Mother.

My mother….

Redheaded, blue eyed, pale skinned, freckled, tall as an oak, obstinate, unparalleled, German transplant.

My mother….

Strong, shrewd, creative, quirky, determined, proud of her children, animal lover

My mother….

Fragile, broken in places, poor, desperate to be loved by a man, Harshly judged

My mother….

So many faces, too many to count. All the same, but all different.

My mother….

Screaming hot tears, Wicked German temper, belt swinging unbidden, quietly loud rages….

Looking in the mirror…

dark hair, same blue eyes, pale, short… determined, strong willed

Looking in the mirror…

Pigheaded , intelligent, unconventional, ashamed of her blood, animal lover

Looking in the mirror…

Seemly fragile, Miles of scar tissue, poor, utterly loved, harshly judge yet does not care.

Looking in the mirror…

I see her in petite places, pocket-size movements.. an arch of an eyebrow, a turn of phrase…

I love her. I hate her… damn it. I miss her.


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