Supportive people,and mottos

So this year, meaning the past 10-12 months, has been a total roller coaster.


My health has been insanely crazy, from being almost dead to  fighting for every bit of independence that I can possibly get back.

I have had some amazing support, some amazing friends who have been utterly at my back, helping me stand again, emotionally, mentally… sometimes even Physically.

I have had so many cards, notes.. gift boxes, sheer surprises from people I haven’t seen since high school. All to tell me  they were praying, sending energy, showing me  that they  were glad I had survived, and that I could face the mountains I was and am facing.

So this post is about them, first names only:

Amy, Angie & Jennifer, Carolyn, Alissa, Phyllis, Genny, Tara,Ryan,Elias, Jonathan, James, Rebecca, Jerry, Isaac, Steven, Micheal, Melisa, Trisha, Blaidd, Jessica, Ayah, Serge, Ronna, Nate, Aaron, Aaron, Jenn, Stella, My grove, My husband Elias…

I know I forgot people, cause lets be honest, I’m far from perfect and  my memory sucks at times.

so, now comes my new motto, granted it came from one of those silly facebook, what is your life motto’s thing, BUT for once they gave me the perfect one.

One that has been my life forever, and I didn’t even know it yet.



So, yea.. this is what it is. Whatever doesn’t kill me, had better start running.

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