Thank you.

So, I needed to write this out today. please note You in this are my friends and the people who have been in life.

On the way to the beach, James watched me walk with the cane, and did something to start getting what muscles are left to remember what they are suppose to do. It helped. I was able to walk down the sand beach to the water, with Rebecca’s help, and then once I was deep enough I was able to actually swim. I was able to swim to the yellow border and sit on the tube, and stay on it.

I was also able to get backup the beach with cane and Rebecca’s help, and back in to the water again.

I was talking to Katelyn about this, and how being able to be able to swim, which is something I truly love to do, and thought I should say so publicly.

This has been the hardest year of my life. Physically, mentally, spiritually.. it’s just been a tough year. I’m only about half way though my PT.. at least we think it will take at least another 3-6 months.

I know that the reason I am as far along in my recovery is because of all of you.. You have been supportive from day one when my entire world went upside down and backwards.

You have prayed, done healing spells, sent mass amounts of energy to me to help me get though the pits and dips that happen when dealing with all of this.

You have kept me going mentally when honestly I wanted to give up because it was too much to handle. When the doubt, fear and anger was too much to control, you helped keep me calm and reminded me I wasn’t alone in all of this.

You have sent care packages even when I was in the hospital, and when I finally was able to be at ritual, with the walker, you all made sure I was welcomed back with open arms, and that I was always safe, and cared for.

You have witnessed my first steps, my solo steps down a staircase… my swimming for the first time.

You have embraced Elias in to the group, and that helps him know that when I’m with you all, he doesn’t worry that I will fall, or get hurt, because he knows I’m safe.

\and this has gotten to be a mile long, but I really felt like I needed to say it again.

Thank you. Just.. Thank you.

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