Feeling like a grounded mermaid

Yesterday’s adventures:

I got permission to go to the beach and swim because as many know, being in water actually means I get to move about my a normal person for the most part again while in it.

Getting to the beach was harder: a two person escort, plus my cane, praying I didn’t trip over a root, a pine cone, small children down a steep incline and on to sand where my cane is basically worthless cause I could not catch my balance, hence I had thew two person escort. I sat on a bench, let them run things over to the table, and have them come back to get me from where the sand began to about waist deep in to the water.

Being in the water.. felt..amazing. I was able to play, and swim, and for a few hours I got to feel like my normal happy self again, and forget that I am still broken physically.

getting out of the water was again two person escort, cane and massive amounts of pain.
in the original little mermaid fairy tale ( not Disney’s version) Ariel when she walked felt like her feet and legs were walking on knives and such. I get that. It seriously felt as if I had been yanked on to land and once again, I was reduced to being.. broken.

I did not like that part, but to be able for a few hours forget I was broken was..amazing.

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