Grief ( 2013 version)

Grief ( 2013 version)

In honor of my Mother.

(June 18, 1954- October 10, 2013)
heart stopped, barely holding on.
grabbing straws.. trying to a grip,
while the world spins out of control..
who am I now, I just don’t know how
never got to say… anything.. anything…
someone remind me to breathe

world’s gone cold… suddenly old
never knew I would have to face
watching you fade away…

holding my hand, guiding my first steps…
letting me fly high, catching me when I fall
crashing to the ground in aheap

lipsticks memories, teddy bears and heels
running up the stairs,
screaming you never cared

fights and bright lights,
dreams held too high
childhood in a moment on the floor

terror sets in, crying once again
someone give me hope
someone tell me how to cope

forget me nots, yellow roses ..
channel number five filling the air
her smile haunting me

never was perfect
made mistakes
tears splashing down

tears burning , carelessly falling
body shaking, spine bending
greif.. unmercilessly beating

someone hold me tight
get me though the night
until I see the light



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