rant post:

So I went to see my replacement doctor, only to find out he’s too busy til JULY to see me, so I have to see the nurse practitioner who like the doctor has never seen me, or read my chart and what not.
Now I will admit it, since NF, I’ve gained weight, due to lack of actually handling exercise and having no place to do water exercise that I can handle.
First thing this nurse says to be is” you should have weight loss surgery. ” Doesn’t read my chart, ask about my medical history, just throws out that is her thing she wants to say to me. I politely decline the suggestion, because I have done years of research on that, and have had all four of my surgeons ( wound care, gall bladder and the two who saved my life when I got NF) tell me that under no circumstances will they agree that a weight loss surgery is even an option for me, due to various things that went wrong during the other surgeries.
She pushes two more times after this that I should have the first the gastric sleeve, then just have my stomach cut down to half size.
Mind you I have now said No thank, and even gave valid reasons for not doing the surgery, and she at the end of my appointment informs me she thinks I’m an idiot for taking her sound medical advice and having the surgery, because and I quote: ” no one is going to want to be with a woman who is fat. “
Then I went to to do my blood test and my urine test, and I do my pee in a cup thing, and I go to wash my hands. there is no water. I knock on the little metal door and ask why I can not turn on the water. I’m informed I’m being screened for drugs because my nurse practitioner flagged me as a ” drug chaser” since “I would not see to reason” and take her advice blindly.
I see the actual doctor in July, and I am NOT happy at all about the wait time. I’ll be looking for other options in the meantime.

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