Just Don’t. Part 1.

Do not film you doing good. It means you’re not doing it to be a decent person, you are doing to get some sort of notice for it.

It’s not the person who films and announces publicly all their good deeds that is the decent human being. yes they are helping people, but by humiliating others in the process.

The better thing, the more humane, decent thing is to treat that person who you are helping with the same respect YOU would want to be treated if you were in their shoes.

I was homeless for a time in Los Angeles. Nine months. I lived on streets, and in a shelter, then a half way house til I was able to get on my feet properly.

Want to know the things I missed most when I was in that place?

A home, a bed of my own, space that just for me, respect, self-worth, pride.

It takes so much strength to go and ask for help, to go “hey, I need help, I need food, or I need socks, or hey, can I get quarter so I can get to the shelter before it closes so I don’t have to sleep on the streets and possibly get hurt.”

Show them some damn respect, give them some dignity, and don’t humiliate them by filming them in a place when they are at one of the lowest places of their life, just so you can get praise for giving them a burger or a few bucks.

Don’t be that Asshat. Just don’t.

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