So,  this time of the year, I always try to set up a new resolution for me to attempt to keep for the year. For the past three years, it’s been simple: don’t die. 


Well, it’s come to my attention, I’ve been resting on my laurels and I need to push myself to improve. Not just for my physical health (which is crap but I’m working on it) but my mental, emotional, spiritual and social health as well.


I got inspired by a friend of mine’s year long quest to only read female authors, listen to female driven music, etc etc. 


This year I want to do the following things:


1: Grow spiritually. 

Learn more about druidism, being pagan on a new level then I have been and embrace the natural gifts and skills the gods have given me that I tend to shy away from. Be more open to accept that it’s okay not to be perfect. To be more open to the knowedge that I am here for a purpose, even if I don’t exactly know why. Attempt to connect more with nature and the world around me. 

2: Do yoga/dance/ movement three times a week. 

  I’ve been finding youtube videos that I can do in my chair that will help build my core strength (What I have of my core is weak as heck, and needs to be stronger. Sort of happens when they removed a chunk of your abdominal muscles to save your butt.) I’m starting with once a week and moving up to three times a week. I’d like to be able to say by the end of the year I have done at least  50 of these 15-30 minute activities. It may not seem like the biggest challenge ever to most but it’s huge for me.

3: I’d like to read 24 books this year.

 Fiction and nonfiction. Something more than my normal paranormal romance novels, but they count too. Ideally, I’d like to do half of my normal books, and the other half be things I wouldn’t normally tread or things that will push my comfort levels.  Two books a month. I can do this.

 4: I’d like to keep losing weight.

          I am currently at 357.8 pounds. By December 31st, I’d like to be at 299.8. It’s a 58 pound weight lost but over a twelve month time period it’s just under 5 pounds a month. So that is my goal. It’s not a huge number but I think it’s something I can handle. My motivation behind weight loss is about me getting skinny or looking hot. I look pretty damn good as I am. My reasoning is for my health in general. I have spinal issues, muscle issues and nerve issues due to post NF crap.  I don’t want to be in a wheelchair sooner then I have to be. I know I will have my cane on and off for the rest of my life. I’ve come to accept that, but I want to get stronger. 

5:  Do better.  Be better.

Be a better friend, be a better wife. Be a better human being in general.  Be able to try to look in the mirror at the end of the day and say “Today, you did better.”  I know it’s vague but I really don’t have words to describe this.

 6: Don’t die. Really. Don’t die.

This is the big one. The toughie. The one I may not have any control over what so ever, but it’s one that will always be on this list.  Don’t die.

7: It’s okay not to be perfect.

No more freaking out because things aren’t perfect. No more needing things to just be excatly how I see them in my head. no more breaking down cause things aren’t lined up perfect. Life’s not perfect.  I am not perfect, and it’s way past time I be okay with that.


So.. whose with me?

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