I’m gonna talk about my friend Carolyn. This is a woman I met when I was nine in the small town I grew up, or as I call it, the Hell mouth.

She’s older then I, but she’s a person who I love so very much. She has been my friend, sister, adviser, advocate, champion, support, ass kicker, encouragement, wing-man, and more.

She knows all my darkest secrets, every lie, where the bodies are metaphorically hidden, everything.

This woman has prayed for me, smacked sense into me, supported and given of her self always. When I decided to get married, when Elias proposed, she got that first one else. She was the first person I told. When my mother died, I called her at like…ten pm, and even though she was exhausted she just let me cry, and let me know it was okay to fall apart.

She is someone who is steady as a rock, even when everything else has gone upside down and nuts.

I am honored to be your friend.

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